McMillan Nursery School

Cultural Capital

We provide lots of exciting, real life experinces for our children.


We get to know our comunity by going on local walks and visits to the post box to post letters.

Police, Firefighters, Dentist, Morrisons Supermarket and the Imam from the local Mosque all come to visit us.


We learn how to climb trees with Colin the Tree Climber, we experience animal encounters, fictional characters come and read stories to us, a historian comes and tells us about the past, we make pottery on a clay pottery wheel and we listen and watch African dancers and drummers.


Celebrations and/or observe:

We celebrate Eid, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Remembrance, Bonfire, Hallaween, World Book Day, Easter and any other significant occasion which may happen in the year.


Cultural Capital Classes:

Our school leavers will experience the following additional activities:

Cookery Classes, Music Lessons, Gardening Club, Dance Lessons and Art Masterclasses.


Railway Street, Nelson, Lancashire,
Entrance on Brunswick Street, Nelson

01282 612709