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McMillan Nursery School

Today's children are tomorrow's future

Home Learning


At McMillan Nursery School, we are committed to the education of all our children. During these uncertain times we want to reassure parents that the children’s education is still at the forefront of our minds.



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Activities for the week beginning 13th July

  • Can you make a paper chain like the one in the story?
  • TRANSITION ACTIVITY- Can you play ‘Simon Says’ with a grown up?
  • Hold your own ‘Nursery Graduation’ party- make a cap and a scroll.
  • Make a ‘Lockdown Memory Box’. Talk about the children’s memories of ‘lockdown’. Add different items/photos to the box, talking about the memories that have been made during this unusual time.

The Paper Dolls Printables

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Activities for the week beginning 6th July


  • Use a computer or tablet with a grown up to find out about your new school. Can you draw a picture of yourself in your new school uniform?

The Tiger who came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Activities for the week beginning 29/06/20

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  • TRANSITION ACTIVITY- Can you get dressed independently?
  • Can you put on your own shoes?
  • Can you act out the story of ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’? Use the tiger mask to help you.
  • Can you complete the tiger dot-to-dot? Think about how you hold your pencil      

Activities for the week beginning 22/06/20

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Lucy's Picture- book of the week 15/06/20

Activities for the week beginning 15/06/2020

  • Can you make a textured collage- think about using materials for a purpose like Lucy’s picture.
  • Can you make a tasty Father’s Day surprise?
  • Can you talk about why your dad/grandad/uncle/brother is special to you? 
  • Can you make a shape picture?   

Week 12 of home learning. Keep up the good work everyone!

The Three Little Pigs- Book of the week 08/06/20

Activities for the week beginning 08/06/20

 house outline.docxDownload
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  • Can you draw or write who lives in your house?
  • Can you build 3 houses for the little pigs?
  • Can you make the characters from the story to retell the story?
  • Can you colour the little pig’s houses? 

The Selfish Crocodile- Book of the week 01/06/20

Activities for the week beginning 01/06/20

 crocodile colouring.docxDownload
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Week 10 of home learning- it is lovely to see our families' Eid celebrations!

What the Jackdaw Saw- book of the week 25/05/20

Activities for the week beginning 25/05/20

 bird watching-counting-sheet.pdfDownload
 Jackdaw sign activity.pdfDownload
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Week 9 of home learning- yet more super work!!

Shark in the Dark- book of the week 18/05/20

Activities for the week beginning 18/05/20

 Shark model template.pdfDownload
 shark puppet template.pdfDownload
 the moon by RLS.jpgDownload
 What time is it Mr Shark.docxDownload
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Shark in the Park- book of the week 11/05/20

Activities for the week beginning 11/05/20

 Shark in the Park story props.pdfDownload
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Can you go on a phonics hunt?

Have a look around your house for objects beginning with the 's' sound and the 'a' sound. Have a go at sorting the objects into two groups- things beginning with 's' and things beginning with 'a'. 


Can you make your own telescope?

 Join Sam on Crafty Thursday and have a go at making your own telescope.  

Superworm- Book of the week 04/05/20

Activities for the week beginning 04/05/20

 Minibeasts Colour By Number Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
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Practice counting the ladybird spots 

Activities for the week beginning 27/04/20

 butterfly colouring sheet.pubDownload
 caterpillar length.pdfDownload
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The Very Hungry Caterpillar- Book of the week 20/04/20

Activities for the week beginning 20/04/20

 butterfly life cycle cut and stick.pdfDownload
 minibeast-hunt checklist.pdfDownload
 Very Hungry Caterpillar colouring pages.pdfDownload
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Little Lamb- Book of the week 13/04/20

Activities for the week beginning 13/04/20

 Alliteration challenge.pdfDownload
 animals and their young colouring sheets.pdfDownload
 farm animal masks.pdfDownload
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It's Quacking Time- book of the week 06/04/20

Activities for the week beginning 06/04/20

 easter egg colouring.pdfDownload
 how to draw a chick instructions.pdfDownload
 Voice sounds challenge.pdfDownload
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Rabbit’s Nap- book of the week 30/03/2020

Activities for the week beginning 30/03/20

 Body-Percussion Challenge.pdfDownload
 bunny ears headband template.pubDownload
 Instrumental sounds challenge.pdfDownload
 make your own musical instrument.pubDownload
 RSPB Spring Challenge.pdfDownload
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Activities to develop fine motor skills and pencil grip

Home Schooling Routine

List of useful websites


It can be worrying during this strange time when we are all suddenly thrown into ‘home schooling’. It can feel like we should be teaching our children maths and English and sitting at the table completing worksheets with them. But it’s really important to remember that, while school education is important, we as parents are our children’s first and most valuable teachers. This is an opportunity for us to teach our children the things they wouldn’t normally learn in school. The things we wish we could spend time on, but we’re always too busy with the school run, homework and housework. Things like cooking, baking, getting themselves dressed, learning to tie their shoe laces. This is an ideal time to master toilet training, or learn how to ride a bike. 
Children learn so much through play and it is vital that we allow plenty of time for play- and to play with them. Teach them how to share and take turns and solve problems. 
Don’t underestimate the value of spending quality time with your children. This is the time we can share our knowledge with them without being interrupted by the daily grind. 
This time will come to end, so let’s get the most out of it and make it a positive experience for our children, and for us too.