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McMillan Nursery School

Today's children are tomorrow's future

Staff & Governors

Nicola Daniels-Green- Acting Headteacher
Nicola Daniels-Green- Acting Headteacher
Sam Widdup- Nursery Teacher/SENDCo
Sam Widdup- Nursery Teacher/SENDCo
Michelle Barnsley- School Bursar
Michelle Barnsley- School Bursar
Amanda Meade- HLTA
Amanda Meade- HLTA
Debbie Clancy- HLTA
Debbie Clancy- HLTA
Janet Taylor- TA3
Janet Taylor- TA3
Sadia Ahmed- TA3
Sadia Ahmed- TA3
Nusrat Ashraf- TA2
Nusrat Ashraf- TA2
Sumera Sajid- TA2
Sumera Sajid- TA2


McMillan Nursery School Staff Information

Substantive Acting Headteacher



Nicola Daniels-Green    BA Hons


           Designated teacher for looked after children 



Samantha Widdup        BA Hons



Higher  Level Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Debbie Clancy             Fire Marshall

Amanda Meade       

Teaching Assistant Level 2

Sadia Ahmed               BA Hons 

Sumera Sajid

Nusrat Ashraf

 Teaching Assistant Level 3

 Janet Taylor

School Bursar



Michelle Barnsley        NCEA     

                                   Data  Protection Officer

                                   Emergency First Aider

                                   Fire Marshall


Site Supervisor

Elaine Starkie


g Children Procedures.

 Qualified Paediatric First Aiders

Nicola Daniels-Green Nusrat Ashraf Janet Taylor
Amanda Meade Michelle Barnsley Debbie Clancy
Samantha Widdop
Samantha Walker  




McMillan Nursery School Governing Body 

The school has a Governing Body made up of ten stake holders including parents, staff, community and Local Authority representatives.  The Governing Body has a legal responsibility for the Nursery School.  The Governors work with the Headteacher to set the vision and strategic aims and to monitor and evaluate performance. The Governors are actively involved in the  school and regularly attend to observe/ support visits and share in our celebrations such as Concerts, Eid, Christmas etc.  They are keen to hear your views and opinions of the school.  Please feel free to approach them either in person when they are in school or by email to

The Parent Governors are parents of the children attending the school at the time of appointment.  They are chosen by the majority of votes made by parents.  All parents of children in School are eligible as parent Governors.  There are three Governors meetings annually, one each School term, which are held in School.  There are also additional committee meetings each term.

Staff Governors are elected by staff, Local Authority representative are elected by Lancashire County Council and Co-opted Governors are elected by the Governing Body based on their skills and attributes relevant to the School.

If you are interested about finding out more about the Governing Body, please speak to the Headteacher or a member of staff.


Governor's report to parents 2017-2018


Category of Governor Name Date appointed End date


Mrs Shelia Wicks



Co-Opted Governor

Ms Carol Hopkins

Mr Mashuq Hussain

Mr Graham Claydon

Ms Jilly Walton









Staff Governor

Mrs Debbie Clancy



Parent Governors

Ms Laura Rostron

Ms Georgia Horsfall





Substantive  Acting  Headteacher

Nicola Daniels-Green





Meetings Attended        x=attended      Obs=observing    Apol=apologies received

NAME 09.10.18 09.10.18 13.11.18 29.01.19 22.01.19 05.03.19 30.04.19 30.04.19 08.07.19
   Curr  Res  F.G.B  Curr  Res  F.G.B  Curr  Res  F.G.B
 S Wicks x x x  x   x   x
D Clancy x x x  x  x  x  x  x
C Hopkins  x x  x  x  x  x  x
 S Pickup x x x  x   x  (Resigned)  (Resigned)   (Resigned)
 U Arif x x x  x  x  x Apol   Apol 
 S O'Connor  x  x  x  x  x   Apol
 N Booth       (Visitor)  (Visitor) Apol   Apol  Apol    x
 M Hussain          (Visitor) Apol  Apol    Apol  Apol 
 N Daniels-Green                  x


Meetings Attended        x=attended      Obs=observing    Apol=apologies received

NAME 08.10.19 08.10.19 12.11.19 21.01.20 21.01.20 10.03.20 21.05.20 21.05.20 07.07.20
   Curr  Res  F.G.B  Curr  Res  F.G.B  Curr  Res  F.G.B
 S Wicks  x  x   x   x  x   x   x    x 
D Clancy  x  x  x Apol  Apol  x  x  x  x
C Hopkins  x  x  x  x x  x  x  x
J Walton         X  x   x   x
 G Horsfall           x   x  x  x
 M Hussain  x  x   x   x   x  x  x  x
S O'Connor Apol   Apol  Resigned             
 N Daniels-Green  x  x  x  x  x  x  x   x    x 
 G Claydon     x (Visitor)   x  x  Apol  x  x  x
L Rostron           Apol  x  x  x


     NAME  20.10.20 20.10.20 01.12.20 02.02.21 02.02.21 23.03.21 18.05.21 18.05.21 06.07.21
Curr Res F.G.B Curr Res F.G.B Curr Res F.G.B
S Wicks
D Clancy
C Hopkins
N Daniels-Green
J Walton
G Horsfall
M Hussain
G Claydon
L Rostron


Register of Interests

None of the Governor's have any financial interests that could be detrimental to the Nursery School

Governor Name Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date Appointed Date of Cessation
Ms Carol Hopkins Bradley Nursery School Nursery Care  &  Education Governor 09.11.19   08.11.23
Mrs Sheila Wicks

Lomeshaye  Junior School

Education Governor           01.09.17  31.08.21
Ms Jilly Walton

Reedley Primary School

Education Attendance Officer 10.03.20 09.03.24
Ms Laura Rostron Barrowford Primary School Education Senior Assistant Headteacher 10.03.20 09.03.22
Ms Georgia Horsfall Marsden Community Primary School Education Teaching Assistant 10.03.20 09.03.22
Mrs Nicola Daniels-Green

Ightenhill Nursery School

Education Headteacher 24.06.19 23.06.23



 Committee Structure

Admissions Committee Appointed Gov's and Pay Committee
Mrs Sheils Wicks (Chair) Mrs Sheila Wicks (Chair)
Nicola Daniels-Green Ms Carol Hopkins
Complaints/ Appeals Committee Curriculum Committee
Any three untainted Governors Mrs Sheila Wicks (Chair)
  Ms Carol Hopkins
  Nicola Daniels-Green
  Mrs Debbie Clancy
  Mr Mashuq Hussain
Nominated Governors Resources Committee
Mrs Sheila Wicks - LASGB Mrs Sheila Wicks (Vice Chair)
                                     - Safeguarding  Ms Carol Hopkins
                                     - E-Safety Mrs Daniels-Green
                                     - Personal & Social Mrs Debbie Clancy
Carol Hopkins       - Health & Safety Mr Mashuq Hussain
                                     - SEND
                                     - Physical 
Review Officer Staff Discipiline, Dismissal, Attendance & 
Mrs Sheila Wicks                      Review Committee
Mrs Sheila Wicks (Chair)
  Any untained non-staff Governor
Staff Grievance/ Pay Appeals Committee  PREVENT Governor
Any untainted none Staff Governors  Mrs Sheila Wicks