McMillan Nursery School

Staff & Governors

Ms Stokes - Head Teacher
Ms Stokes - Head Teacher
Miss Bowden - Teacher/SENCO
Miss Bowden - Teacher/SENCO
Miss Shah  School Business Support Officer
Miss Shah School Business Support Officer
Mrs Taylor- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Taylor- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sajid- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sajid- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Ashraf- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Ashraf- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pilkington - Teaching Assistant

                                                                                                                              Miss Sadaf - Teaching Assistant..

                                                                                                                                    Miss Hayat - Teaching Assistant

                                                                                                                                          Ms Tsantarlioti Site Supervisor


McMillan Nursery School Staff Information





 Ms Stokes:   BSc Hons, PGCE, NPQH 


                   Designated teacher for looked after children 

Teacher Staff


Ms Bowden:   BA Hons, PGCE

                     Back Up DSL





Teaching Assistant Level 3

Teaching Assistant Level 2


 Mrs Taylor, Mrs Sajid, Miss Sadaf

Mrs Ashraf, Mrs Pilkington, Miss Hayat

School Amdmin Officer





Miss Shah                




Site Supervisor

Ms Tsantarlioti


g Children Procedures.

 Qualified Paediatric First Aiders

Miss Sadaf Mrs Ashraf Mrs Taylor
Mrs Pilkington Mrs Sajid Miss Hayat


Qualified Emergency First Aiders

Mrs Ashraf

Mrs Sajid

Miss Hayat


McMillan Nursery School Governing Body 

The school has a Governing Body made up of ten stakeholders including parents, staff, community and Local Authority representatives.  The Governing Body has a legal responsibility for the Nursery School.  The Governors work with the Headteacher to set the vision and strategic aims and to monitor and evaluate performance. The Governors are actively involved in the  school and regularly attend to observe/ support visits and share in our celebrations such as Concerts, Eid, Christmas etc.  They are keen to hear your views and opinions of the school.  Please feel free to approach them either in person when they are in school or by email to

All Governors have annual safeguarding training and understand their role they have in Safeguarding at McMillan Nursery School. All Governors have read and understood KCSIE 2022. 

The Parent Governors are parents of the children attending the school at the time of appointment.  They are chosen by the majority of votes made by parents.  All parents of children in School are eligible as parent Governors.  There are three Governors meetings annually, one each School term, which are held in School.  There are also additional committee meetings each term.

Staff Governors are elected by staff, Local Authority representatives are elected by Lancashire County Council and Co-opted Governors are elected by the Governing Body based on their skills and attributes relevant to the School.

If you are interested about finding out more about the Governing Body, please speak to the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors


Governor's report to parents 2017-2018


Category of Governor Name Date appointed End date




Vice Chair




Mrs Ruth Thompson

Mrs Claire Whitehead

Mrs Tara Warbrick











Co-Opted Governor






Ruth Thompson

Claire Whitehead

Tara Warbrick





















Staff Governor

 Mrs Sumera Sajid



Parent Governors


Dr Zeeshan Ali Syed












Local Authority Governor





Cathy Stokes

















Meetings Attended        x=attended      Obs=observing    Apol=apologies received Ab=Absent no contact


Name 15.11.22 15.11.22 29.11.22 29.03.23 29.03.23 29.03.23 17.05.23 17.05.23 05.07.2023
R.Thompson Apol Apol x x x x x x x
S.Wicks x x x x x x x x Apol
C.Whitehead x x x x x x Apol Apol x
T.Warabrick x x x x x x x x Apol
S.Sajid x x x x x x x x x
C.Stokes x x x x x x x x x

Name 11.10.2023 11.10.2023 06.12.2023 31.01.2024 31.01.2024 13.03.24 03.07.2024
R .Thompson x x x x x x x
C. Whitehead x x x Apol Apol x x
T. Warabrick Apol Apol x x x Ab Ab
S. Sajid x x x x x x x
C. Stokes x x x x x x x
A. Iqbal Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab
Z Syed x Apol Apol x Ab

Register of Interests

None of the Governor's have any financial interests that could be detrimental to the Nursery School

Governor Name   Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date Appointed Date of Cessation
Mrs Ruth Thompson

Ightenhill Nursey School 

Education Governor 30.06.21 29.06.25
Mrs Claire Whitehead Ightenhill Nursery School Education Staff 06.07.22 05.07.26
Miss Tara Warbrick Park Primary School Education Staff 06.07.22 06.07.22
Mrs Sumera Sajid None None None 13.12.21 12.12.25
Ms Cathy Stokes None None None 01.01.20 31.12.23
Mr Zeeshan Ali Syed None None Parent 06.12.23 05.12.27


  Committee Structure

Admissions Committee  Pay Committee
Ms Cathy Stokes Mrs T warbrick



Complaints/ Appeals Committee Teaching, Learning & Standards Committee
Any three untainted Governors Ms Ruth Thompson 
  Ms Cathy Stokes
 Appraisal Committee Mrs Claire Whitehead (Vice)
Mrs Ruth Thompson Miss Tara Warbrick (Chair)
Mrs Claire Whitehead
Nominated Governors Resources Committee (Chair to be elected at Autumn FGB 2022)
School Improvement Priority 1 - Commuincation & Langauge -Claire Whitehead Miss Tara Warbrick - Chair
School Improvement Priority 2 - SEND - Miss Tara Warbrick Vacancy
School Improvement Priority 3 - Quality of Teaching - Mrs Ruth Thompson Ms Cathy Stokes
School Improvment Priority 4 - Governors - Mrs Sumera Sajid Mrs Claire Whitehead - (Vice)
Wellbeing - Mrs Sumera Sajid Mrs Sumera Sajid
E-Safety & Website - Ms Tara Warbrick Ms Ruth Thompson 
SEND - Miss Tara Warbrick
 EYPP/Vulnerable - Mrs R Thompson & Mrs Claire Whitehead                                           
 Health & Safety - Mrs R Thompson  & Vacancy  Staffing Review
 Attendance - vacancy                         Vacancy
 Child Protection and Safeguarding/Prevent - Mrs Claire Whitehead & Mrs R Thompson Mrs R Thompson 
 Training - Mrs R Thompson
Staff Discipline and Dismissal/Appeals
Staffing: Vacancy, Ms Cathy Stokes Any 3 untainted Governors




Railway Street, Nelson, Lancashire,
Entrance on Brunswick Street, Nelson

01282 612709