McMillan Nursery School


In April we had lots of new children starting McMillan and many loved dinosaurs, so we did lots of dinosaur activities. We made up stories and talked about their names and features. 

Our Core Story was 'Jack and the Beanstalk', and a giant beanstalk grew in Nursery! We enjoyed retelling the story around the Beanstalk. We then planted our own beanstalk and observed how it grew. We practised what we had learnt about planting in our solids tray with soil plant pots and gardening tools. We practised our cutting and sticking skills to see if we could remember the life cycle of a plant. We also made our own beanstalks in the creative workshop.

Since our art masterclass we can't stop mixing paint, exploring new colours and painting pictures! 

We have been exploring lots of different instruments and learning how to play them together. We love singing and dancing in our outdoor theatre area. 

And after we had looked at lots of different homes last month, we were delighted to get the opportunity to look inside a camper van! We couldn't believe everything that fitted in there!




In March, our Core Story was ‘The Three Little Pigs' which ran alongside our predicted interest of 'Can we Build it?' We enjoyed building the different houses the pigs lived in and then used them to  retell the story. We also made other buildings in our creative workshop area and in the construction area.  

We celebrated ‘World Book Day’ and dressed up as our favourite characters. We enjoyed reading and talking about our favourite books together, in our Key Person groups.

 We have been exploring mixing different liquids with water, such as milk, liquid soap, and tea. We learnt about 'full' and 'empty', and how to pour with control. We investiged if whisks made a different when mixing liquids together. 

Our Masterclass this half term was Art. We learnt about the work of the artist Kandinsky and recreated their work. We learnt about colour mixing and the tools artist use for their work. 

Throughout Ranadan, we collected food for families in need. A councilor came to collect the food. We had an Eid celebration in our home corner.  

Our 'Wild Animal' predicted interest was exciting. We went on a safari hunt and sorted animals using differnt sorting categories. We enjoyed printing animal patterns too.    

We ended the term with a 'Wonderful Woodland Stay and Play'. We enjoyed completing Easter activities and had a very special visit from the Easter Bunny!



In February we celebrated the Chinese New Year. We went on a Chinese New Year Hunt, made spring rolls, and learnt all about Dragon Dancing.  

One of our predicted interests was 'People Who Help Us.'  The police came to visit and showed us their police car. We enjoyed painting pictures about our visit and other people that help us. The dentist came too, and we learnt how to look after our teeth. We enjoyed playing at doctors in our role play corner and then we had a rescue centre. We helped a lot of people! We made our own town in small world and enjoyed telling stories about the people who help us. 

We had a reading challenge in February - we read 10 books each. We got a certificate and a bookmark for completing the challenge.

We enjoyed making and eating pancakes on pancake day.

In Wonderful Woodlands we learnt about mini beasts. We searched for worms and drew giant water worms on the wall and mud worms on paper. 




In January, we learnt all about Winter and the weather. We had great fun exploring the snow. We made some ice decorations and enjoyed sledging. 


We enjoyed our Goldilocks and the 3 Bears theme. We made and tasted porridge, loved reading the book and dressing up as characters and retelling the story. We learnt about size, small, medium and large and made 3 different sized bears out of playdough. 

Our Masterclass was cookery lessons. We made lots of healthy snacks including healthy pizza and cheese twists. 

We are amazing at doing jigsaws. We love working out, how all the shapes fit together. 



In December, we learnt about Advent and Christmas traditions. We made Christmas cards and decorations, practising our sticking and cutting skills. We went on a walk and posted our cards in the post box. We decorated our Christmas tree. In Wonderful Woodlands we went on a Nativity Hunt. 

We had a Christmas Crafts and Carols session with our families. We made some Christmas crafts together and had a Christmas sing-along. We showcased our Bell Ringing Master Class.

Our Dragonflies went on a Santa Hunt. We found big and little Santa's.

We had a Christmas Party and played lots of party games including pass the parcel. Father Christmas came to visit us and gave us all a present. 

Our skill of the half term was to put on our own coats and fasten up the zip. We are good at this skill now. 

We are progressing well with our malleable skills. We are starting to think about a design and then making it out of playdough, using different tools and techniques.  

We enjoyed our transport theme last month and are still enjoying designing and creating our own vehicles. 




In November we learnt about a range of festivals and traditions such as Bonfire, Remembrance and Children in Need. 

We also enjoyed our transport theme, learning about different types of transport and the noises they make. We did a transport survey looking at the different vehicles that pass nursery. We pracitsed our creative and painting skills by making trains and ships for us to role play in. We enjoyed playing with airports, garages and trains in our small world aera. 

We had a special friendship week and learnt how to be kind and a good friend. We practised our threading skills and made a friendship bracelet and gave it to a  friend.  

We started our Bell Ringing Masterclass. We are learning how to ring bells along to music.

Our skill of the half term was to practise fastening up our own coats. We are doing very well at it. 

We are getting good at writing our own names now too. 

It snowed one day; we enjoyed exploring and playing in the snow. 

Little Zoo came to visit, and we learnt about lots of different animals and we were able to touch them.  




In October we learnt about Autumn; what happens to the trees and the weather, woodland animals and berries and fruit that grow at Autumn time. We went on an Autumn walk and made a woodlands fruit crumble. We enjoyed exploring and playing in the rain and jumping in puddles.

Bronwyn and Gus, two therapy dogs visited us. We enjoyed learning how to care for a pet and we were very brave and stoked them. We even read a book together.

Our parents came for a 'Stay and Play'. we enjoyed playing with them in  Nursery.

In social snack time, we learnt how to serve and eat with a spoon and pour our own drinks from a jug. 

In Woodlands we got a new, large sandpit. We love playing in it with our friends.  

We enjoyed developing our construction skills, and made some very good buildings.

We enjoyed lots of spooky activities at Halloween and dressing up. 



In September we got to know the nursery environment and each other. We enjoyed learning how to use all the areas in continuous provision. We enjoyed gluing and cutting in the workshop area. We explored different musical instruments in the music area, we learnt how to use different tools in the malleable area and enjoyed sorting objects in the maths area.

We learnt 'All about Me,' naming face and body parts. We enjoyed painting a self portrait with our key person and making faces out of playdough. In Woodlands we made faces out of natural materials.   

Our Core Story was 'Almost Anything' by Sophy Henn. George couldn't do anything unless he wore a magic hat! We all made a magic hats in nursery and we could do everything in Nursery!

Our Dragonfly children also enjoyed learning their colours. 


In July, we invited our parents to our mini-Olympics. We did lots of sporting activities including football, egg and spoon and basketball. We all won a trophy and had an ice pop to cool us down after our energetic work out!

We continued to love to build, after our ‘Can you Build it?’ theme last month. We made some super constructions.

This month we had our ‘Summer, Beach and Pirate’ theme. We enjoyed making up stories about pirates and even went on a treasure hunt!

Elsa and Anna, the donkeys came to visit, and we all had a ride on them. We were all very brave and the donkey’s loved to be stroked. Then we had our beach party, and we did lots of beach activities. Finally, Captain Blue the Pirate and Fidget Fairy joined us, and we played lots of games together and had lots of end of term fun!




We couldn’t believe how much the fruit and vegetables in our allotment, had grown over the holidays. We were ready to harvest. We dug up the vegetables and picked the fruit. We washed and prepared the fruit and vegetables and ate them at snack time. They tasted delicious, especially the strawberries.

 Our theme this month was ‘Can we Build it?’ We read the traditional tale, ‘The 3 Little Pigs.’ We built houses made from straw, bricks and sticks. In our Woodland area, we had great fun building dens.

Our Masterclass this half term was Dance. We had a dance teacher from Pendle Academy of Dance and Performing Arts who taught us how to dance.

The Superheroes arrived at our writing table this month to help us with our writing.

We had a special visitor too, an historian. She told us what toys she used to play with a long, long time ago. We all found it very interesting and asked lots of questions.



We celebrated the Kings Coronation in May. We made crowns and stick flags. We had a lovely Coronation picnic with our parents. 

In our Great Outdoors Theme, we went on a discovery walk around our local area. We followed a map! We found shops, a mosque, a church, a bridge, a train and bus station and lots more.

Now the weather is getting nicer, we have really enjoyed performing in our outdoor theatre. 

We also learnt about re-cycling and the importance of not dropping litter on the floor. A naughty magpie dropped lots of litter in our woodland area (all previously washed and donated by staff) and we had to litter pick and re-cycle it!

Our school leavers started their Guided Reading sessions so they will be really prepared for school.



In April our Core Story was 'What the Ladybird Heard' so in Woodlands we went on a bug hunt and built a bug hotel. We also started our Gardening Club and are growing vegetables in our allotment, planted some wild flowers and have made some hanging baskets. 

We have really enjoyed performing; singing and dancing on our outside stage and playing musical instruments to music. 

Shape has been of interest this month and we have been exploring different 2D and 3D shape. 

We celebrated Eid by making Eid decorations and having a party. 


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