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Headteacher: Simone O'Connor.

McMillan Nursery School

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Learning EYFS 



***The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum***


The Foundation Stage is a National Curriculum that all children follow from the age of  3 years to the end of their Reception year at Primary School.


There are 7 areas of learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Making relationships, Self-confidence and

self-awareness, Managing feelings and behaviour.

Communication and Language - Listening and attention, Understanding, Speaking.

Physical Development - Moving and Handling, Health and self-care.

Literacy - Reading, Writing.

Mathematics - Numbers, Shape space and measure.

Understanding the World - People and communities, The World, Technology.

Expressive arts and design - Exploring and using media and materials, Being imaginative.

Long Term Curriculum Planning

Autumn term 1 Curriculum Planning


Learning and Working Together........look at our colourful collage 







 Our Outdoor Area

Our outdoor play areas are Bob's Yard,  The Active & Exploration Area, Woodland.... which includes a Mud Kitchen and Our Garden.

We play outside in all weathers; sunshine, rain and snow! We ask that your children wear clothes suitable for the time of year. A waterproof coat and trainers are necessary. We have wellies and all-in-one wetsuits for wet days.

Children benefit from fresh air and vitamin D which is found in the sun light and is essential for growing bodies. Playing outside gives a sense of freedom and release that young children love. It gives them opportunity to practice big movements that will help with future writing skills.



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